Steam Coal

CV. Syaema Global is a coal supplier for both domestic and export market.

palm oil and the derivatives

CV. Syaema Global is a supplier of palm products such as palm kernel expeller/meal/cake, and palm kernel shell for both domestic industries and export market.

Investment in Coal/nickel mining and palm oil development

CV. Syaema Global open up for global partners interm of investment opportunities for the development of nickel/coal mining and palm oil and the derivatives businesses in Kalimantan and Sulawesi.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can use google maps to go to our office in Balikpapan City. If you experience difficulties, you can directly contact our service number at +628170520510. Please make an appointment in advance.

You can contact our customer service at +62817050011 for initial inquiries and or send us via email listed on this site

We supply low and medium calorie steam coal (GCV 3400 – 4900). We also open investment opportunities for nickel mines and coal mines on the islands of Sulawesi and Kalimantan

Our production capacity can reach 50,000 MT per month and can be increased even more. Fastest delivery of cargo 20-30 days after processing. We are committed to always delivering cargo on time as the best form of service to customers